PORTFOLIO ENTRY #9- Thesis statement

How to write a Thesis Statement

A Thesis Statement is simply the point of your paper, it´s the single claim that your essay supports. A good Thesis Statement is noy simply an observation, a question or a promise, it includes a topic, a precise opinion and reasoning. You cannot start writing the paper unless you know the point. 
There are three parts to every Thesis Statement:
  1. The Subject: the topic of your essay, what your paper will deal with. 
  2. Your Claim: what you think about the topic. Your precise opinion on the subject/ the topic of your essay. 
  3. The blueprint of reasons: You show your reader how you plan to argue and prove your opinion. Typically you should have 3 strong pieces of evidence tosupport your opinion. Later, you will expand on each detail in the body of the essay. 

A Thesis Statement is an arguable statement, so you should do a little research to help you formulate your opinion. 
  • Does that sound arguable? Will others disagree with that statement?
  • Yes?
  • Good!
Now you need to research evidence to support your opinion. The Piece of Evidence or "The Blueprint" are only effective if:
  1. It explain what you mean about each blue print point in the body paragraphs.
  2. Provide detailed examples for each blue print point. 
We can list our reasons:
  • At the End of the Thesis Statement,
  • At the Beginning of the Thesis Statement, or
  • We can have two separated sentences where we list the Thesis Statement and then we list the reasons in the next sentence . 
The Thesis Statement tells your reader:
  1. Where you are going in your essay.
  2. How you plan on getting there. 

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