Are you an Ethical Shopper?

Running an Ethical Business means "Fair Wages", "Fair Price" and "Honest Profit".

Paying Fair Wages: this means to treat the people who work for you, whether directly or indirectly, fairly. If you treat people well and pay them a goog wage, you give them a sense of pride and dignity as human beings. You, as their employer, have the responsibility to ensure that their working and pay conditions are good and that they are able to live a dignified life. Charging a higher but fair price to consumers: your product is going to be priced at above the market average in order you can pay a fair price to your workers. And in this world of cheap goods, we, as consumers, should always seek to find out where and how the product we are purchasing is sourced. If we believe that everyone deserves to earn a decent living and live life in a dignified way, then we should be prepared to pay a little more for the product. Making and honest and fair profit: there are companies …

PORTFOLIO Entry # 10 - Discourse and Context in Language Teaching.

PORTFOLIO ENTRY #9- Thesis statement

How to write a Thesis Statement
A Thesis Statement is simply the point of your paper, it´s the single claim that your essay supports. A good Thesis Statement is noy simply an observation, a question or a promise, it includes a topic, a precise opinion and reasoning. You cannot start writing the paper unless you know the point.  There are three parts to every Thesis Statement: The Subject: the topic of your essay, what your paper will deal with. Your Claim: what you think about the topic. Your precise opinion on the subject/ the topic of your essay. The blueprint of reasons: You show your reader how you plan to argue and prove your opinion. Typically you should have 3 strong pieces of evidence tosupport your opinion. Later, you will expand on each detail in the body of the essay. 
A Thesis Statement is an arguable statement, so you should do a little research to help you formulate your opinion.  Does that sound arguable? Will others disagree with that statement?Yes?Good!Now you need to rese…


PORTFOLIO ENTRY #7: From Paragraph to Essay

Elements for a redefinition of tefl in spanish secondary education from Ramiro Rodríguez This text starts by listing its key words. Presentation: A Topic Paragraph introducing the main idea of the essay. We can summarise it as: “Changes in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Spanish Secondary Education”. Paragraph Developersthat explain the difficulties in carrying on learning and the teachers and learners´ frustrations. A Restatement Paragraphsuggesting ideas for a redefinition of TEFL in Spanish Secondary School. We can see here list paragraph. It mentions four key concepts, “four main pillars”: The Task- Based Approach. The Content- Based Approach. The Language Awareness. The Intercultural Competence.
After the Presentation, each of these main pillars is analyzed by isolation.

PORTFOLIO ENTRY #6: Well written paragraph

American professors look for certain structures to write a paragraph.Paragraphs should be started off with a Topic sentence(what are you writing about, what is your subject).  The topic sentence should not be overly detailed because that is what the Body is for. The body is the heart of your paragraph (where you get all the supporting details and arguments for your topic).There are two ways in which you can order the details:The order of importance (what is going to make your arguments really stand out, the strongest part of your argument).Chronology (the ordering of the events).Finally, a paragraph should be finished with a Closing sentence. It has two functions:Remainding the audience what you are talking about, so you restate your topic sentence but in a different way.Keep your audience thinking giving them a little extra. The closing sentence adds a little bit something to the topic.  

Many politicians deplore the passing of the old family-sized farm, but I…

PORTFOLIO ENTRY Beyond the Sentence. S. Thornbury